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Aketze Island. Gulf of Biscay, Basqueland.

"Time does not exist, and the movement is inexorable. I did not resist. I travel constantly in search of small traces of beauty. I let the pictures sleep until they are a vague memory or a piece of dream. Some say that I am the only inhabitant of the planets I visit. The pathfinder as a spectator."

Alberto Fernandez de Agirre
(Bilbao 1966)


1989 PREMIO FOTOPRESS (Spain, Photojournalism)
1990 PREMIO FOTOPRESS(Spain, Photojournalism)
1990 PREMIO BILBOPRESS (Basqueland, Photojournalism)
1999 PREMIO GENERACIONES CAJA MADRID (Spain, Creative photography)
2000 PREMIO CALCOGRAFÍA NACIONAL (Spain, Creative Photography)


1989-1990 FOTOPRESS (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza…)
1990 BILBOPRESS (Bilbao)
1999 GENERACIONES CAJA MADRID (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia…)
1999-2000-2003 STAMPA MADRID (Madrid)
2002 ART MIAMI (Miami, USA) and PROYECTO FOCUS (Madrid)
2004 ARCO MADRID (Madrid)
2012 "Buscando Dragones" (solo) Galería y Taller de grabado MAR PRAT (MADRID)
2012 "El Camino del Sueño" (solo) CEART (Fuenlabrada-Madrid)

Alberto Fernandez De Agirre

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