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Time to Think


This fine art photograph was hand selected by the PurePhoto curation team for placement in private collections and interiors by the world’s leading art & design professionals.

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While I'm published as an author, photographer and digital artist as Anthony M. Davis, most people call me Tony. Throughout life, I surrounded myself with artistic pursuits as a photographer, painter and author. I am drawn to textures, styles of architecture, floral, the maritime realm, infrared imaging and capturing people in their environment.

Many years ago as a successful commercial, industrial, advertising photographer and photojournalist I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. After a lengthy physical rehabilitation from that injury, I didn't pick up a camera for 20-years. Then, a few years ago, I knew it was time to rekindle the photographic love I'd missed. During that 20-year hiatus, I'd served as a Coast Guardsman, a Law Enforcement Professional and fortunately, a bestselling Author. While none of these positions are generally associated with photography, those years of experience helped form my view of the world. Our work and the people we are today is a direct reflection of where we've been.

After the near-death accident, Ive come to appreciate how the world and life around us is a living, changing thing. Challenges we face today make way for our growth as an artist tomorrow. My work constantly shifts to new areas seeking opportunities to capture a new image.

Anthony M. Davis

Author: "Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System"

Current Book Project: Human Trafficking