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Mantiqueira II


The Mantiqueira Mountains are a mountain range in Southeastern Brazil. The name derives from a indigenous word meaning "mountains that cry", denoting the large number of springs and streams found there.

I'm a Street and Life freelance photographer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am interested in photography that has an affectionate eye over all things, whether it is the one that approaches of the human being as an individual or as an element inserted in the landscape, which manifests itself as a pure concept, which is remembrance, amazement or insufficiency.

site (in portuguese):


Quase 28 (collective) - Fábrica Bhering - 2012
Vestígios (collective) - Fábrica Bhering - 2013
Na Palma da Mâo (collective) - FotoRio - 2015
Geometrias Cariocas - FotoRio - 2015
BRANCO (collective) - Ateliê Oriente - 2015
BRANCO (collective) - Tiradentes MG - 2016
Geometrias e Superfícies - IV Design Rio - 2016
Ficções - A Fotografia além do real (collective) - Tiradentes MG - 2017