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Mantiqueira III


The Mantiqueira Mountains are a mountain range in Southeastern Brazil. The name derives from a indigenous word meaning "mountains that cry", denoting the large number of springs and streams found there.

I'm a Street and Life freelance photographer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I'm interested in the human being as unique and individual and as a human species immersed in the landscape, a affectionate glance over all the things and photography in pure concept.

site (in portuguese):


Quase 28 (collective) - Fábrica Bhering - 2012
Vestígios (collective) - Fábrica Bhering - 2013
Na Palma da Mâo (collective) - FotoRio - 2015
Geometrias Cariocas - FotoRio - 2015
BRANCO (collective) - Ateliê Oriente - 2015
BRANCO (collective) - Tiradentes MG - 2016
Geometrias e Superfícies - IV Design Rio - 2016
Ficções - A Fotografia além do real (collective) - Tiradentes MG - 2017

Antonio Schubert

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