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Black Fern


Being the official symbol of New Zealand, one is sure to come across ferns while travelling this beautiful country. While its easy to get hold of the subject, its not easy to isolate a single fern branch as they are usually overlapping with its neighbours. Being a nature photographer, I take all efforts not to disturb my subject from its nature setting. So solution such as removing a fern branch, placing it in a light box and photographing them is a strict no in my books. After trying various composing possibilities, I laid flat on the ground and shot this image facing up. The bright background of cloud was distraction initially but felt a high key image would do better justice to this subject and finally came up this.

Photography to me is not only a passion but its much more beyond that. According to me, its ones ‘eye, heart and mind‘ that actually creates an image. To photograph is not just clicking the button on shutter box but about creating an image which has life and talks to the person viewing it. I have been interested in photography since childhood, practising the art for more than a decade now and strive hard to get that unique ‘talking’ image each time I press the shutter. All I can say is the urge to produce better/unique images and learning process in photography never stops (I believe it will not in this short life !).