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Can't Find the Words


25 years ago my future mother-in-law saw a signage company going out of business, so she scooped up boxes of wooden letters. Somehow she knew that they would be used again by someone!

"I've always been an artist since I was a kid. I went to college to become a character animator and graduated from California Institute of the Arts. I'd been working as a storyboard artist for animated television (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc) for 10 years when I discovered photography while capturing photos of my kids. I found there was a very natural progression from years of doodling drawings in little panels on paper to composing a shot in a viewfinder. My knowledge of photoshop (again for storyboarding) helped in post processing. Photography has become a joy, and I find I never do enough of it! I hope you enjoy my photographs and thank you for browsing."