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Water Tree


I barely captured this shot. I was driving on a back road because there was a tornado spotted close to the freeway I was supposed to take. I did not want to chance it so I detoured... It was raining so hard that my wipers could not keep up. As I was driving I saw this tree in the distance, but there was about 20 cars behind me so I did not want to stop. This is taken through my windshield at about 50 mph... I think this is one of my favorite shots, not just because of the composure, but also what it represents with the trip and with where I was in my life at that time as a whole. Even in the darkest, most violent storm, there is beauty... Good in every situation!

I started shooting in the digital age and found that the thing I loved the most was the ability to share instantly. It helped me create since I was able to take pictures everywhere and get immediate feedback. As my love for Photography grew, I actually slowed down and started to search for the unseen. It was no longer about immediate results but that search for a different view that helped me grow as an artist. My goal is to find something that people see every day but often overlook.