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Hang It


Holga shot of communist red star and Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia on the hanger wall

My personal photographic journey began in 1977. I was 13 years old and developed my first black and white negatives in the darkroom. I still have that roll of overexposed Efke 100 asa negative film. I shot using my Kiev Contax copy camera. I started shooting every day and I still do! As a working journalist, I make my living shooting assignments, but in recent years I have found myself more focused on personal work. I work on small, intimate projects and have published works in several British Black & White Photography magazines, Light Leaks magazine and in Rangefinder. Much of my commercial work can be found on Alamy and Arcangel Image as well.

I'm an analogue photography man! I buy film and develop and print in a darkroom. Tonight, diluted solutions of Rodinal developer await me. Fine art, documentary or shit? I will see in the morning...