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Drygalski Fiord


Drygalski Fiord sits at the southern tip of South Georgia Island, a long finger of water pushing deep into the snow-capped ranges. Half a dozen glaciers terminate in or above the fiord, making a spectacular panorama. 200x102cm $3900 Unframed. Edition of 5

World-renowned Landscape photographer Peter Eastway has travelled the globe shooting for more than 30 years. This native Australian is one of only a handful of Photographers in the world to achieve the title of Grand Master. He is the editor and co-founder of Better Photography Magazine, one of the premier international photography magazines. Lonely Planet also chose him to write their international photography guidebook on shooting Landscapes.

His award winning photography is exhibited and held by private collectors all over the world. Peter just recently won the 2010 NSW AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year Award, winning both the Landscape and Commercial categories. This is the fiftth win for Peter. Now you can also own an Eastway as part of your private collection and personally enjoy his unique vision.