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Twilight Forest


Twilight forest at the end of the winter

Photography is the moment which stops, the emotion which remains and the life which goes away : photography is motionless cinema.

Guy Jean Genevier is an independent photographic artist who uses photography to express himself, and his film training –in which all things real and imagined are possible– has contributed to the freedom he feels when he shoots. Genevier’s images are powerful because they are meticulously pre-conceptualized, each element of the final image is planned before the shutter is released.

What interests him is that he can transform reality, starting with reality but change it or interpret it as he see it in his mind. Good images do not come easily, they must be pursued, hunted down, and caught before its too late. Before taking a photograph he must feel that something is there, that it has been given to him to seize and that he really must have it. That is why he is fascinated with the night, because there is nothing there but essence : dark and light. Then he can take those images and rework them with digital manipulations until he is satisfied that his vision has been achieved.