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May the Winds Blow Till They Have Wakened Death


Archival Silver Gelatin Print

“We see things not as they are, but as we are.”

Fascinated by the timeless themes of life + death, my
work is an exploration of unmasking the layers of
transformation. I believe that every photograph is a selfportrait,
a physical expression of that inner world that is
nameless; the part of our selves that goes beyond our
thoughts and self-created paradigms. The external factors
of time, light and space are inescapable influences. The
sound of the camera’s click is the confluence of these two
realms, a place between reality and the ethereal.

My creative expression encompasses traditional
photography alongside mixed media. The latter passages
the natural cycle of decomposition and is reflected through
the deconstruction of an image. The photograph has been
altered and the result is a fragmentary view of what was
once whole. A symbol of transient beauty.

The most recent body of work, In the Bedroom, is an
intimate perspective of the space between the subconscious
dreamworld and fantasy. Portrayed through the feminine
archetype, this personal journey is a kaleidoscopic
explosion of color and imagination interwoven and
juxtaposed in the stillness of the environment.

The creative process of In The Bedroom is a unique
multi-layered technique producing an original one of a kind
piece. All photographs are shot on film with the use of a
medium format camera. The image is then printed and
displayed in view for the collage to take form. The
“dream” is revealed through the patience of time and the
collection of imagery. Vintage and modern illustrations are
layered between acrylic sheets, arranged and re-arranged
multitudinously until the finality of the piece is revealed.
This subliminal expedition can take anywhere from a few
days up to a few months. Occasionally due to the anomaly
of dreams, the absence of vision leaves a frame void of all
imagination. The artistic intention derives not from
cerebral contemplation but from the undercurrent of a
sentimental world.

Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco, Mexico on Aug. 6. making her a Leo Rooster with
a Scorpio Moon. During her educational years Javiera was classically trained in piano and violin
which continues to influence her aesthetic through visual lyricism. In conjunction, the artist's
vivid dreamworld has shaped memories into reality, impacting her imagination and fate.

Her track record of exploring a cacophony of arts from dance to healing eventually led her
to the art of photography. Living at the time in the Mayan village of Tulum, Mexico, Javiera's
hours of hammock dreaming came to a halt with a little encouragement from Sheila Metzner to
obtain formal training. She packed her bags and headed to L.A enlisting in Santa Monica
College's photography program, ranked one of the top photography schools in the country. In
school she was one of 3 chosen to receive a grant as an award of excellence. In addition she was
honored a coveted mentorship program given to one student every 3 years.

Upon graduation Javiera founded the artist collective Cathexis, a collaborative group for
artists and photographers. They went on to produce numerous exhibits throughout the city of Los
Angeles. Javiera has also exhibited in over 25 gallery shows including the Silent Gallery,
Shoshana Wayne Gallery and the Robert Berman Gallery. Recently Javiera exposed her work
Salt + Sea at the Laemlee Theatres along with her experimental film.

A seeker of the spiritual nature of the inner terrain, Javiera believes that every piece of
art created is a self-portrait, a physical expression of that inner world that is nameless.
Furthermore, her fascination with the timeless themes of life + death, has led to the exploration
of unmasking the layers between darkness and light. Using photography as her visual journal,
the sound of the camera's click is the confluence between reality and the ethereal.

Javiera’s current body of work, IN THE BEDROOM, is an intimate perspective of the
space between the subconscious dreamworld and fantasy. Portrayed through the feminine
archetype, In the Bedroom is a kaleidoscopic explosion of color and imagination interwoven and
juxtaposed in the simplicity of skin and stillness of the environment.
Javiera currently resides in Culver City California with her dog-cat named LOVE.

2015 Photo Basel, (June) Basel, Switzerland
2015 Affordable Art Fair (June) Hong Kong, China
2015 Affordable Art Fair, (May) Singapore, Singapore
2015 Photo Independent (May) L.A, CA
2015 Solo Show Fathom Gallery(April) L.A CA
2015 Photo L.A (Jan.)L.A CA
2014 Solo Show “Salt + Sea” (June-Sept) Laemlee, Pasadena, CA
2014 Group Show (May)”Mysterious Flight” 508 Gallery, SM, CA
2014 Photo Independent (April) West Hollywood, CA
2014 Juried Group Show Create Fixate (March 8) "I Art You" L.A, CA
2014 Javiera + Emma Ferreira (Feb.1-March 1) "UNION" Silent Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Group Show (Oct.10-Nov.10) "Seeing Buddha" 508 Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Group Show (April 11-May 11 2013) "Horses" Ethos Gallery, L.A, CA
2013 Mopla Group Show (April 10-June 10) "Pin-Up" Robert Berman Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Juried Group Show (Feb.23-March 23) "A Beautiful Oblivion" 508 Gallery, SM, CA
2013 Photo L.A (Jan.17-21) Art Capitol, L.A, CA
2012 Photo L.A ( Jan.17-21 Smashbox, L.A, CA
2012 Juried Group Show (April 28th) "Snap Flash" Create Fixate, L.A, CA
2011 Juried Group Show (Dec.8)"Face-Off" Smashbox Studios, Hollywood, CA 2nd Place
2011 Juried Group Show (April 9) "Rise" Create Fixate, L.A, CA
2011 Group Show (Jan. 28-April. 1) "Human Curve" Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA
2011 Juried Exhibition by Craig Krull Jan. 23-Feb.23) "Photography" Topanga Art Gallery, CA
2010 Solo Show (Dec.11-Feb.23) "CROWNS + VEILS" M2 Gallery, L.A CA
2010 Juried Exhibition (August 26) "Pro'jekt LA" Lucie Foundation, L.A CA
2010 Juried Exhibition (April 29-May 29) "MOPLA Group Show" SmashBox Studio, L.A CA
2009 Group Exhibition (Oct. 25) "Unique Techniques" The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City,CA
2009 Group Exhibition (Sept. 26) "Snap Flash", Create Fixate, L.A, CA (3rd Place for Best in Show)
2009 Group Exhibition (July1-31) "Live Nude Girls", Tracy Park Gallery, Malibu, CA
2009 Group Exhibition (May 3-29) "Dirty", Cathexis, Trim, Abbot Kinney, CA
2008 Group Exhibition (May 31-June 6), "Cathexis", Venice, CA

Finalist in Cirque de Soleil Technology Meets Art Competition 2015
Top Finalist Focus Photo L.A Competition 2015
1st Showcase Winner ART SLANT Juried Exhibit 2014
2nd Place in Smashbox Studio "FACE_OFF" Juried Show 2011
Color Finalist in Photographer's FORUM Competition for Emerging Photographers, 2010
3rd Place for Best in Show, Create Fixate Juried Show 2010
Recipient of SMC's tri-annual grant for one year mentorship program 2009
Award of Excellence Recipient of SMC's College Student Grant in Photography 2008

Javiera Estrada

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