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Sugar Factory

This fine art photograph was hand selected by the PurePhoto curation team for placement in private collections and interiors by the world’s leading art & design professionals.

I have been educated at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and graduaded in 2009, specializing in documentary landscape photography. The themes in my work concern themselves with man and his relationship to the landscape and his environment. The alterations he makes to the landscape to make him feel saver, use it more efficiently or travel through it at greater speed. Also use it, misuse it and destroy it. Man's sense of beauty or lack of it. The neverending process of man rooting, from generation to generation in his environment. Trying to feel safe and comfortable.
Following these themes my work has also become a documentary research into my own roots and asks the question to wich extend i still root, there where i was born and raised.

The photos in the 'Rooting' collection are from the book i made as examination project for the Photo Academy in Amsterdam.

'The Archives' contains work done during my Academy period.