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Anemona 4


I am obsessed observing nature and discovering that, despite being immersed in an apparent chaos, there is an order that organizes and directs its architecture involving evolving internal structures. The same patterns reproduced in the internal structures of nature are intended to reflect the relationship between order and chaos, the simple and complex, forms and emptiness. It shows the relationship between decomposition and recomposition and analysis and synthesis in which we move. I create forms from the repetition of image cells, based on small breaks in the patterns that reproduce the cell to reach a new lifecycle by creating images in evolution.

Ruth Peche has been doing solo Fine Art exhibits since 2007 but she has a background in advertising, graphic design, art direction, and illustration. Before studying Fine Art, she did design and layout for Conde Nast (Spanish Vogue), Axel Sprigel (Art Director for Joyce Spain), Bauer Productions and catalogue layouts for exclusive fashion and design brands.