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Misty Morning at the Cut


A misty morning in the wood land of western Sweden.

I was born in 1962, since a few years I have my base in the area between Gvle and Falun in Sweden. I took my first steps in photography very early with simple "box cameras", from late seventies I was pretty active with a SLR och mostly slide film. Even at that time most of my pictures had some kind of nature or wildlife theme with varying result. After a break in the nineties I decided to concentrate more seriously in photography and since I converted to the digital era I think that photography and specially nature photography is more exciting then ever.

I have always been interested in the nature and the wilderness and for many years I have been fishing and hunting also, but to day I only enjoy watching the nature and wildlife through the lens of my camera. Since 2006 I'm a member of Biofoto, a Norwegian association for nature photographers.

My favourite places are the great woodlands where I am trying to capture and depict the feeling and the mood from the woods, the scent of the swamps and the dark little terns, but also the culture and the tracks of the people that lived their lives here in the woods not so long ago.

Another thing that interests me is to capture older and not so old deserted places and houses, or maybe just places where you can feel that the time have past by.