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Shevlin Park Freezing Fog Study 1


I shot this image at Long Hollow Ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon in the winter of 2009. I had never seen freezing fog before and it doesn't happen often. It is simply amazing!

Everything is covered in white but you can still see the organic shape and structure of the ground and trees as it is covered in fog not snow. Fog comes into the low lying valleys and if the temperature drops below freezing while that thick layer of fog is hanging, it just freezes and sticks to everything.

The Edition now for sale is as follows:

16x24 edition of 100 @ $150
20x30 edition of 75 @ $300
24x36 edition of 50 @ 650
48x72 edition of 15 @ 1850

All prints will be printed on a LIghtjet from The Icon Lab in Los Angeles and hand signed and editioned.

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Ryan's love of art began from an early age growing up with his mother, a well-known art collector. He was surrounded by works from Warhol, Katz, Jasper Johns, Christo, Makos, Keith Herring and many others. For years, his afternoons were spent in the gallery of acclaimed gallerist Dorothy Blau who taught Ryan the business of art. She was a close friend of Andy Warhol and one of the first gallery owners to bring Warhol's work to the public eye. She has been credited to helping Warhol's business acumen and was very influential in his success as an artist. These were the sparks that led Ryan into the gallery world.

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