Skinners Falls


It was when we bought our first house, my wife asked me to print some work for the bare walls and I was stuck. Refusing to put some my favorite work because they were too loaded with memories or ideas. Just the thought stressed me out. Which begged the question, after making a zillion pictures, what makes it onto the walls of my home. I found it was the outtakes, the in between moments, the quiet nods to the bigger memory. The images that say just enough so you can fill in the rest with today, at least that’s the way I feel about the prints that seem to have longevity on my walls.

Born in Los Angeles, California, as a child, he built box cameras with his father. After graduating from Wheaton College he created editorial work for clients such as The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian Observer, GQ , Vogue, Details, Nylon, and i-D.

Alex has worked with BBH, Chiat Day, and GSD&M on campaigns for AT&T, Visa, Southwest, Samsung among others. In 2010, Alex and his family returned to Los Angeles from nearly a decade of living in New York. He has shown his fine art photographs in galleries around the world.

Alex Hoerner

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