Deja Vu


I’m creating Collages based on stories and concepts that are visual representation of my own experiences and intuitions. Combining my own film photography with found imagery and bright neon colors I manage to mix regular and absurd, beautiful and disturbing to create a surrealistic images that show different aspects of my personal life in modern society. In every image viewer can find a shadow of alternative reality that is unique for every one of us, that gives an opportunity to find something personal behind my stories and leaves room for imagination.

Alexandra Naumova is a visual artist who combines different mediums like photography, collages, video art and graphic design. With her work she opens a door to the new reality that will be created by your imagination. She was born right after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Minsk, Belarus where she graduated from Belarusian State University with MD in Chemistry. During her study in Israel she fell in love with Bauhaus culture in art and architecture. Combined it with her unique background she developed her surrealistic graphic style that involving science and the visual arts, that allows her to create highly dramatic imagery full of deep concepts and room for the viewer personal imagination.

Alexandra Naumova

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