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Dreamcatcher 11


While living in Europe Hellwig always found comfort in the idea of Dreamcatchers that worked to protect him from bad dreams and nightmares. He started to collect feathers of various shapes and colors to create combinations that resulted in visual collages. These numerous single images serve as an individual interpretation of the original dreamcatcher theme.

I discovered the magic of photography at the age of six, for it allowed me to visually capture an instant of the real world. Even more amazing for me was, and still is, the fact that photographs can reveal much more than just appearances: the attentive observer can always perceive other layers or levels in them. Levels that today I can render visible and present to experience thanks to various photographic techniques.

This heightened visibility is not always just esthetic, but always more exciting, for it tries to penetrate the surfaces of the real world and invite beholders to reflect. My work is largely inspired by the Bauhaus artists Oskar Schlemmer and Lyonel Feininger.

Heiko Hellwig

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