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Gunnlaugsons Place #34


I stumbled upon Hrafng's house while walking around the bay next to Reykjavik. It is both an amazing handcrafted house with large metal objects arranged and welded together in sculptural shapes, as well as a last place of power for contemporary worshippers of the old Norse gods. Both the spiral and circle
keep returning as powerful symbols in all the setups which look different in low and high tide when the water washes over them.
I became friends with both the movie director Hrafng (Raven) that built the house and Youssef, a homeless man sleeping in a
nearby boatshed, who claimed to have the most carefree life collecting tin cans for money and looking out over the bay every
morning and evening. It was a magic place to visit and I am happy I got to return a few times to say hello to it's people.

Robin Vandenabeele is a photographer based near Bruges in Belgium. Traveling extensively for work landed him with a desire to visually document all the places and moments that were frequented. There has always been a large amount of experimentation in his photography, for example by using outdated films, cross-processing and film pushing during development, using creative viewpoints and lenses when composing images. After seeing results from a experimental in-camera double exposure technique he became quickly interested in the further possibilities and has since not stopped to create series of juxtaposing city- and landscapes using both film and digital cameras on various locations visited around the world.

Being an autodidact in photography allows Robin to use a non-traditional approach to the image making process. His influences are photographers with diverse styles such as Sarah Moon, Mario Giacomelli, Man Ray, Henri Lartigue, Peter Beard, Franco Fontana, Jan Saudek and others.

Robin has work on display aboard several cruise ships and in boutique hotels all over the world. In 2018 he participated in the Photo Fringe festival in Trieste.
From 2010-2018 several nominations (black&White spider awards, Int'l color Awards) in various categories. His work is also used on a multitude of bookcovers.

Robin Vandenabeele

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