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Church & Market


From my Muni Project; Making a conscious decision to leave my car behind when I moved to the San Francisco it was inevitable that I would spend a good deal of time in and around public transportation. The Muni for all it's considerable flaws provides a rich texture to photograph and experience the cultural diversity of San Francisco. It's amazing that one bus line like the #22 can take you though what is blatant show of wealth to something akin to poverty and back again in a few blocks of travel. Where the #30 line daily transports people that are shaping our financial futures with stops in a near alien world to them in Chinatown with roasted ducks swinging by the hook. Here are a few images from my travels up and down the San Francisco Muni...

I'm a Street and Life photographer based in San Francisco California. I make my living as Comic Book Colorist and Digital Art Professor.

Allen Passalaqua

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