Tokyo #22


View above Tokyo rooftops and railway tracks in Shinagawa district.

about the print

The print is produced from the digital file on an OCE Lightjet 500XL, which can print formats up to 300x180cm. The image is exposed on a piece of photographic paper directly from the digital file with a laser. In my opinion this is higher quality than any inkjet printer can produce. The print is then developed in a dark room the classic way.

Due to the high quality of the input file, it is possible to offer this image up to a format of 225x180cm (90x72in), and you will be able to approach the print very close until you start seeing the grain.

I am an urban photographer. My goal is to explore the largest and most dense cities on earth and capture their essence. I use an 8x10 large format camera which delivers exceptional image quality and allows me to print the images up to 90x72in with utmost detail. If they hang on your wall this size, mounted behind high quality plexiglass, it seems as if there is a window overlooking a metropolis.

Thomas Birke

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