Circumstance X


These are unloved people caught in unloved places and unloved relationships. Love has fled or been pushed away and they are left in the place it once occupied. A void. Some are left bitter. Others just bewildered. We hope these photographs represent and internal landscape that allows us to remember and to mourn.

Formento & Formento have come a long way in a short time, but they have shown that they live for the journey and it will continue, leading
wherever it takes them. They are professional tourists, bringing expertise, imagination and an almost alien gift for absorbing and rendering the spirit of a
time and place.
William S. Burroughs, who loved to collaborate and who created “the cut up method” with painter Brion Gysin, said that when two minds work together
they create a third mind. Here we see that two eyes can create a third eye, and everyone knows that the third eye can see through time and space, showing us things otherwise invisible.

Artwork here are signed, limited edition of 10.

Bj Formento

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