Sail Abstract IX, Cannes


J-class and classic yachts, some over 100 years old, form the basis of this portfolio of Jonathan Chritchley's prints. Working from helicopters and super-fast rigid inflatable boats, he seeks to create his vision of 'capturing the wind'. It can be said that in seeing one of these prints one can feel the salt on ones lips and smell the ocean in the air.

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Jonathan Chritchley is one of the foremost ocean photographers in the world today. His instantly recognisable work is seen around the world in exhibitions, galleries, magazines and books, and form part of many fine art collections internationally. He also speaks and presents his work at photography and sailing events worldwide. His first book, SILVER, a 136 page art book, was published in January 2014.

Jonathan was included in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Photographers of All Time, and in
Professional Photography Magazine Top 100 Photography Heroes. He was honoured by the Royal Geographical Society in 2016 and made a Fellow.

Originally from the south of England, he now lives with his wife and young family close to Biarritz in the south of France, but travels regularly around the world to create his distinctive ocean-based photographs.

"In today's hyperactive, overpopulated world, our minds are never at peace. We constantly run from one thing to the next, rarely reflecting on our lives, on our dreams, or on what we really want or need.

The mind is like water; only able to reflect when it is perfectly still.

Jonathan Chritchley's stunning photography is an invitation to throw away the superfluous. His choice of black and white combined with the purity and simplicity of his chosen subject matter encourages us to escape the madness of our modern societies, and seek refuge in his ocean of tranquility. "

Pierre-Yves Cousteau

Jonathan Chritchley

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