I am a self taught photographer, living in south Texas..

My art work is about looking at the unseen, the little things. Mostly I focus on nature, trying to turn the pieces that are all around us into dreams or just bring them to the surface.

I kind of fell into photography, it wasnt something I chose, it chose me. The more I photographed the more excited I became about images. At first I wasnt sure what I was doing or what this meant to me, now I know photography is more than a hobby, its a passion.

As a subject nature is easier , I can just walk around with my camera and find something, its a peaceful process, Clears my head. However photographing nature is where I am at right now, it could never be the only thing I shoot. There are so many images I see, either while out in world or in my head. When I shoot something its not so much what I am trying to say its more about just creating something that excites or moves me..