Your Mother Will Land in Ten Minutes


museums quality inkjet fine art print on Hahnemühle paper  
75 x 140 image on 95 x 170 cm paper, Edition 3+1 (€ 5790,-) /  50 x 110 image on 70 x 130 cm paper, Edition  6+1 (€ 3050,-)

IVO is a creative happening. He began working editorially on magazines and then transferred the way he photographed people into advertising photography. With award-winning campaigns, he experienced his breakthrough early.
For his clients from all continents, Ivo and his teams traveled the world, where his workshops are now taking place, in which he teaches the arranging of pictures. Situations and portraits are his great passion.
His work as an artist has been featured in many magazines and can be seen in galleries and museums. He has won more than 200 international awards.