This fine art photograph was hand selected by the PurePhoto curation team for placement in private collections and interiors by the world’s leading art & design professionals.

I’m primarily a street photographer and fortunate that I have the streets of New York City for inspiration. I was raised in the South Bronx and am of Puerto Rican descent. My shots are not planned – I walk and explore the many parts of the city with my Leica Q hoping to discover what I like to call “frame-able moments”. I try to express the variety of what the street offers in my photography – art, people, oddities, the good, the bad. I find that this type of photography suits my passion as the subject matter is always diverse. I am not a photographer by trade. I only began taking photography seriously about five years ago. In many ways I feel as though I’m still learning to see and to me that’s most important. The ability to stand back and absorb a moment is something many of us rarely do. If you open yourself up to that – the observance of things – there is beauty there to capture.

J S Cela

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