It isn't easy being green perhaps except that green here reminds me of the ice pops I ate as a kid in summer. The technique is what I call, 'Porcelain," in this case, green porcelain.

Unconventional art photography is what is submitted here for your viewing pleasure. Your patronage would be greatly appreciated so by all means, consider a purchase for your home and or office.

I have numerous series underway. The techniques I deploy (but not in a militaristic way) are software manipulations of conventional photographic images. Blur, Haze, Fuzz, Sand, Spanish Lace and other offbeat modalities apply in my work.

Lately it's cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles that I photograph but, summer will be here soon and then, off to the beach!

Your patronage is greatly appreciated., don't hesitate to purchase a print if what you see is what you like and thank you!