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The Lake Eyre / Kati Thanda basin is one of the largest dry land river systems on our planet. With a size of about 10.000 km², it is Australias biggest and oldest lake and it´s also the lowest point of the continent.

In 2019 a rare natural wonder appeared, as water slowly covered about three-quarters of the lakes surface. Typically, it fills that much only a few times per century; this most recently happened in 1974 and 1950. The water transforms the lakes parched and salty interior into a thriving ecosystem, with water birds arriving from across the globe and colorful algae painting unique canvas of blue, white, red, yellow and pink.

"See the world from a different perspective — an unusual one. The view from the air is fascinating. In my work, however, photography does not merely document our environment from this atypical perspective; it is much more a (creative) representation of conditions such as structures and forms in their uniqueness. Since nature is in a constant state of change, be it short or long term, each of my works captures a moment that will never happen again. Often the places shown in my works surround us directly, but due to our close proximity, they can hardly be perceived the same way. Whether it is nature or our human influence on it, the result is abstract, partly geometric, but also surreal worlds, which I want to make accessible to everyone."

Kevin Krautgartner is a German architectural and landscape photographer, best known for his aerial images of urban and large ground spaces highlighting the aesthetic value of colors, lines and geometric patterns in them. His oeuvre has been awarded at international contests, and featured in mainstream media.

Krautgartner currently lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany. He graduated from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts with a degree in photography and graphic design. Digital photography is the basis for his work today. He uses helicopters and light planes to capture his objects -architectural interiors, urban skylines, remote landscapes- from different perspectives which he later uses to digitally select and frame aesthetically appealing views. His landscapes include icy mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, fjords and salt fields in many countries.

Kevin Krautgartner

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