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Many consider today’s world to be a digital world – a world of digital spaces and communications.

However, it is surprising to see, that even in todays time we heavily rely on and use ‘old school’ forms of communication (letters, newspapers etc.). In addition we are pleasantly surprised and appreciative of something that is created for ‘real’ – something physical that we can touch and feel outside of the digital space.
I came up with an idea to combine these aspects – ‘old school’ communications and making something for ‘real’, which took the form of an installation piece; I call ‘Type of Letters’.

I collected my own mail over a period of 4-5 months and started with creating a play on the ‘@’ symbol. It showed a perfect combination of digital and old school communications. I then went on to create 4 more variations:
The Number ‘50’ / ‘The New York Times Magazine’ logo / Letter ‘A’ / The word ‘Type’ (not showcased here)

Niral Parekh is a Artist, Designer and Typographer currently based in New York. He completed his BA in Literature and Psychology from Jai Hind College, Mumbai in 2013, and his Masters in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, NY. In between his studies, Niral grew up traveling the world and experimenting with different forms of art and design. These varied experiences let him supplement his ‘explore, experiment, execute’ approach to work, by letting him look at both, problems and solutions, from different angles.

Niral has created work for advertising, art shows, interior design and environmental graphics. He is know for his unique concepts, meticulous process and understanding of spatial design. His work has been honored by The Type Directors Club (Best in Show), Cannes Lions (Titanium), Communication Arts, Graphic Design USA, etc. He is thankful to have had the opportunity to work with clients such as United Nations, Prudential, Nickelodeon, Google, Panasonic, Byronesque, among several others.

Niral Parekh

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