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My work revolves around the ability of the camera to isolate tiny fragments of time and space in such a way that otherwise fleeting details can be more consciously examined by the observer. I am strongly attuned to elements of color, light and form; rather than attempting to simply document a subject I seek to draw out the texture and mood embodied in those details. My images bring us closer to nature and allow a moment and an opportunity to be still, along with a serenity that is badly needed in today’s world. The layered images resonate emotionally, harmoniously drawing together elements of memory, scale, human experience and the physical world.

These images are non-narrative—that is, they are not ‘about’ anything in particular, being more concerned with detail, texture, shape, light and color rather than images of some ‘thing’. The specific object—its location or place in the narrative of time—is immaterial. What matters is not what is being depicted, but rather the gathering up of those abstract emotional qualities that are found simply in color, in light, in shape, and presenting them to the viewers who can take in the totality of the impression all at once. Our minds don’t have to rush off to find out what happens next or before
or even what we are seeing. I create images that are extremely immediate as they step outside of context and time. The emotional response is strong and swift. My goal is to create images that are understood on a purely sensual, emotional, non-linear level; that appeal to an emotional visual center and encourage a non-verbal experience in the viewer. The ultimate point isn’t to tell people what to see or think, but rather to connect us all to our innate intuition—to feeling.

Nicole's work has been exhibited at George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; The Arts Company, Nashville, TN; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; The Edge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; Costello Childs Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ; Cheryl Pelavin Gallery, NY; Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma, CA; MAGC, Ross, CA

Nicole Katano

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