Garret Suhrie

Garret Suhrie was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA and studied art history and photography at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA, as well as Temple University’s Tokyo and Rome campuses. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2007, he worked for four years as studio manager, producer and post-production artist for international icon David LaChapelle. Through this mentorship, he was awarded a grant from the Maybach Foundation, and now works as a freelance photographer on a wide range of assignments, though his real passion is for travel. His photography has been featured in various publications including National Geographic, Flaunt, The Wall Street Journal and TimeOut NewYork. Nighttime is when Suhrie explores, contemplates, and photographs the world; from surreal cityscapes to serene landscapes. There’s a tranquility and allure that only exists at this late hour. Utilizing long exposures on transparency film, Suhrie is able to bring light to the darkest of nights; illuminating phantasmagorical scenes in ways our eyes are not equipped to see. He’s found that beauty doesn’t fade with the sun, so these images are Suhrie’s effort to shed light on a different way to see the world.