Quebec - Autoroute 15-40


Since its inception, Lusztyk’s Interchanges project has taken the artist all over the world in search of a very particular subject: the architectural necessity of city sprawl that takes shape in the web-like intersections of the highway interchange.

Lusztyk’s aerial views and uncanny angles transform otherwise functional, banal constructions into photographic spaces for aesthetic meditation: long, linear shadows present a doubling of sensual, concrete curvatures; the static symmetry of the structure poetically contrasts its witness to perpetual movement; conspicuous green space is carved out in perfect geometry, so that the organic and the inanimate mathematically coexist. For Lusztyk, these images reveal with new perspective a ubiquitous presence that nonetheless remains largely invisible. His vision of capturing the satisfying beauty of highways infuses the familiar with something new; it is the everyday at a remove, one that allows a privileged glimpse of the veins and arteries of both cities and the sinews that connect them.

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While completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Communication Culture and Information Technology in 2005, Lusztyk learned to shoot in commercial photography studios in Toronto’s East End. He opened his own studio, and by 2011 was instructing upper-year students in digital photography and studio practice at the Sheridan College.

Lusztyk’s body of work includes advertising, location, portrait, still life, and landscape photography. He is known for his detail-driven, large scale series capturing urban highway interchanges, sublime geographic studies, and minimalist handgun portraits. When he is not shooting on location, Lusztyk works from his Toronto based studio. Lusztyk’s work has been exhibited in North America, Asia, and Europe. He is the winner of 4 consecutive Communication Arts Awards, PX3 Paris Photography Award (2012), the IPA International Photography Award (2012), and is the 2013 recipient of the 2013 Applied Arts (AACE) Photographer of the Year Award. Past clients include Audi, Bayer, KPMG, Amex, The Globe and Mail, National Geographic, Esquire, and Wired.

Peter Andrew

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