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Massive ice flows in Iceland humble a solitary skinny dipper; a couple holding hands walks into the vast, undulating white dunes of du Pilat, France; impossibly lush, dense foliage all but envelops long-forgotten marks of civilization. Lusztyk’s landscape-based series Location explores the delicate symbiosis of humanity and its environments by capturing the moments when (and where) adventure meets the faraway. Described as eliciting a kind of “sympathetic voyeurism,” these images are at once inhabited and lonely—immediate and distant—the human figure an almost imperceptible feature against a sublime landscape. Lusztyk’s signature, large-scale editions allow for a twofold appreciation of sweeping views together with intimate, human details. These candid scenes are homages to both the natural world, and our unrelenting impulse to explore its awe-inspiring phenomena.

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While completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Communication Culture and Information Technology in 2005, Lusztyk learned to shoot in commercial photography studios in Toronto’s East End. He opened his own studio, and by 2011 was instructing upper-year students in digital photography and studio practice at the Sheridan College.

Lusztyk’s body of work includes advertising, location, portrait, still life, and landscape photography. He is known for his detail-driven, large scale series capturing urban highway interchanges, sublime geographic studies, and minimalist handgun portraits. When he is not shooting on location, Lusztyk works from his Toronto based studio. Lusztyk’s work has been exhibited in North America, Asia, and Europe. He is the winner of 4 consecutive Communication Arts Awards, PX3 Paris Photography Award (2012), the IPA International Photography Award (2012), and is the 2013 recipient of the 2013 Applied Arts (AACE) Photographer of the Year Award. Past clients include Audi, Bayer, KPMG, Amex, The Globe and Mail, National Geographic, Esquire, and Wired.

Peter Andrew

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