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Ocean Blues III – Drake Passage, by Jan Erik Waider

Ocean Blues III – Drake Passage, by Jan Erik Waider

Jan Erik Waider

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The Drake Passage, located between the southern tip of South America and the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, is known for its turbulent waters and unpredictable weather conditions. Photographs of waves in the Drake Passage capture the essence of this challenging and awe-inspiring maritime environment.

Waves in the Drake Passage can be enormous, with heights reaching 30 feet (9 meters) or more. These images convey a sense of the power and intensity of the ocean in this region. Due to its remote location and ever-changing weather patterns, the Drake Passage can exhibit dramatic lighting conditions. These lighting effects add to the overall drama and visual impact of the images.

Photographs of waves in the Drake Passage evoke a range of emotions, from awe and wonder to a sense of vulnerability and adventure. They can transport viewers to a remote and unforgiving environment that has fascinated explorers and adventurers for centuries.

These images provide a glimpse into the unique and dynamic characteristics of the Southern Ocean and the journeys that traverse this iconic stretch of water.