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Drive In, Texas


A road trip from Oklahoma to Southern California when I was redirected south from Interstate 40 to Interstate 10 due to a freak ice storm that left several counties without power. I stumbled upon this abandoned Drive In somewhere in Texas and waded through ice covered mesquite trees and cacti where a parking lot once laid. The speakers had been removed and I stood in front of the building where concessions were once purchased.

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Self taught photographer working with some of the best people in the field from Neiman Marcus,
Williams-Sonoma and Nike, I was able to gain knowledge and appreciation for the process and my technique. Seeing things from at least two perspectives would lead me to continue to create introspective bodies of work that play with the mind and the eyes. Using Light as my main subject, I am able to illuminate the subtleties of life, death, color, contrast, texture and emotion.

My work is a result of continued hard work and perseverence. Working with designers along the west coast, Chicago and firms in New York, I never cease to get inspired by and motivate the people surrounding me.

Clients consist of art collectors in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Hewlett-Packard, Inc.

Curtis Speer

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