Should I create an account?

You don't need to login to buy prints, but creating a free account allows you to easily organize selections for projects. Looking for a new print for your living room? Have 3 clients who want to see some options for their home or offices? Creating an account allows you to organize possible options in collections, share those choices with others for their feedback, and easily make purchases.

Why only photography?

We love art and are experts in photography. We are all hardcore photographers, collectors, analysts, tech geeks and curators who have a passion for it. We know you do, too, and wanted to share the love.

How does PurePhoto curate the collection?

Our store is curated to ensure that you are buying valuable works of art that should increase in value over time. While there is no guarantee of that, our art is selected by an Art Advisory Board made of leading Industry professionals who help the odds of that happening.

How do I become an art collector?

Easy: just buy your first piece! Collecting doesn’t have to be something unobtainable. With access to thousands of great pieces of art you can find something you love. That is what art is by definition:

art | art |noun 1 the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,  typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Which means you should buy a piece first and foremost because you love it, no matter what anyone says. That is the true joy of collecting. Once you get the collecting bug you will know what we mean. You may even take it a step further, which we fully support, and start collecting for its investment value. Regardless, be passionate about your purchases and you can’t lose.

Why buy original art?

First and foremost, you are supporting artists. We share the profits evenly with the artist so you are giving someone an opportunity to spend their life creating wonderful work to be shared with the world. Original art means you have a unique piece that you won’t find at your neighbor’s house. You have a story about the artist, where it was created, and why it was created. It makes life more interesting. We do not sell reproductions, which are mass-produced. We only sell professionally produced fine art prints.

How do I know if I am buying a great piece of art?

If you like it, it’s great. You don’t need someone telling you it’s great to love something. If you are buying it as an investment, read the ‘Why do you curate?’ Q&A above. We always recommend first and foremost having a love for what you’re buying. As you start collecting and reading our posts from industry leaders, you will gain a better understanding of what appreciates and why. Regardless, just enjoy it!

Should I only buy well known artists?

Absolutely not! Every artist has their humble beginnings and we have created a place for you to explore exciting new works from the next generation of artists. It is true, we have some very well-known artists and you can buy the work but you can also start collecting new things. What makes an artist famous is the acceptance of the art community, the public as well as the meaning, controversy, etc. The more people buy a work and the more they pay for it makes it more valuable, you are taking part in that by purchasing work from emerging artists. You could be buying the next great artist!

Is it ok to buy fine art online?

Buying online gives you access to thousands of great artists from across the globe. It enables you to see work you may never have had exposure to unless you have the time and resources to travel the globe and visit galleries. It is quick and easy and buying from a reputable store like PurePhoto ensures that you will be getting authentic original artwork.

How are PurePhoto prints made?

All prints are made by PurePhoto’s select partners, which are the top professional labs around the globe. Prints are typically c-type on archival papers using strict guidelines.

Can I have my print framed by a third party?

  • Upon receipt of your print, if unframed/unmounted, it's best to take it to your framer immediately. Take extreme care in handling your new artwork. Memory curls can occur if the artwork is left rolled for too long. Fingerprints, creasing and wrinkling of the paper are the result of improper handling. Artwork not being framed immediately should lay flat.
  • If you choose to frame with a third party (non-PurePhoto framer) we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the print in the framing and/or mounting process.

General Terms and Condition of Sale

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