Because You Love It

Because You Love It

The PurePhoto Art Consultants are often asked whether an artwork will “go up in value”. Oh how we wish we were fortunetellers or high rolling gamblers! Alas, we’re not. Our answer to this question is now and will forever be – buy art that you love.

Acquire art that you have a connection with and that you can’t seem to get out of your mind. No one will be able to tell you who the next famous artist will be – and they shouldn’t. Just surround yourself with love and maybe the cherry on top will be that years from now, you find out the photograph you couldn’t live without is more valuable. Or that it isn’t, but you enjoyed it’s presence in the meantime…and that’s all that really matters.

Here’s some inspiration from the PurePhoto collection to remind us that all we need is love…

Street Love by Margaux Fischer


Walnut Couple by Matthew Carden


Urban Studies by Francesca Ritchey


Embrace by Irene Suchocki


Love Piano by Derrick Weber


A Long Way Together by Piet Flour Senior
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