Celebrity Homes: James Dean vs. Today's Hollywood Celebs

Celebrity Homes: James Dean vs. Today's Hollywood Celebs

When I logged into Gmail this morning and opened the most recent newsletter from Elle Decor, one of the headlines caught my eye - “James Dean’s Manhattan Apartment Is A Far Cry From Today’s Celebrity Homes”. I couldn’t resist taking a tour of the actor’s 5th floor walk-up (with communal bathroom!) at 19 West 68th Street. Described by the New York Times as “miniscule, with just enough room for a bed, built in desk and a hot plate”, the apartment was modest, personal, and seemed to serve as a retreat from his own celebrity up until his untimely death in 1955.

Not a minute later did I open my daily newsletter from DOMAINE to read the following headline - “The 7 Best Celebrity Apartments in New York City”. These homes and their amazing decor are indeed a “far cry” from the apartment of one of the most revered and remembered young actors of all time. Check it out for yourself!


James Dean's Walk-Up Apartment


Photo by Dennis Stock for LIFE Magazine, via The Selvedge Yard



Jonah Hill's SoHo Loft



Kirsten Dunst's New York Home



John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's NYC Apartment


For photo credits and more NYC celebrity apartments you can read the original feature at Domaine Home.

To read more about James Dean’s NYC retreat, visit Elle Decor.

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