Framing Is An Art Too!

Framing Is An Art Too!

As you may know, PurePhoto specializes in producing fine art photography prints. We use museum quality papers and master printers to custom print each photo with our clients’ tastes and expectations in mind. So why would we settle for anything less from a frame?

A beautiful piece of art deserves to be preserved and presented in the highest quality frame. We prefer our frames custom built to fit your image perfectly, and hand-crafted to ensure it will last as long as you do.

When selecting a frame, make sure that you keep the print and it’s future home in mind. What color frame best suits the image and will showcase it best in the room?

Don’t be shy! Ask an expert for advice. There are SO many options.

Consider using a mat to create drama and increase the overall size of your print

Once you are decided, let the experts get to work!


Whether you choose to install it yourself or use a professional, the end result will not disappoint.

Artwork shown: 1. Sheer Joy by Gillian Lindsay 2. Malé Aerial by Neil Walton
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