How'd He Get That Shot?

How'd He Get That Shot?

How’d He Get That Shot?

Polar Bear lurking beneath melting sea ice on Hudson Bay, Canada. Photographed July 11, 2012

Seattle-based Wildlife Photographer Paul Soulders was awarded the title BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2013 for this image. Instead of hopping on a tour boat with a couple dozen other photographers, our man Paul would rather BYOB it... as in Bring Your Own Boat.

Traveling up to 30 miles off the shore of Hudson Bay in a self-manned Zodiac, Paul spent up to 14 hours a day searching for Polar Bears. On one of the last days of his search, Paul happened upon a curious female who was just as interested in checking him out.

Due to some technical issues (like dropping his equipment in freezing cold saltwater), Paul ended up shooting the bear “totally blind” only hoping for the best. It was a week later when he was looking through his digital files that he realized what he caught on camera. Well worth the wait.

Check out Paul in his advertisement for Intel:

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