Introducing "Airportraits" by Mike Kelley

Introducing "Airportraits" by Mike Kelley

We are excited to introduce photographer Mike Kelley’s newest series “Airportraits” to PurePhoto!

Amsterdam Schiphol 18R (Polderbaan) by Mike Kelley


“Wake Turbulence”, the first in this series, was photographed over the course of 16 hours at LAX in 2014 and depicts a day’s worth of flights composited into a single image. The success of “Wake Turbulence”, which started out simply as a “proof-of-concept”, inspired Mike to plan a trip around the world to repeat the process.

Flughafen München 08R by Mike Kelley


Frankfurt Am Main 25L (Missed Approach) by Mike Kelley


Over the course of two years, Mike spent an innumerable amount of hours photographing descending and ascending airplanes at airports in Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Dubai and more. 5 continents and 15 airports later, Mike Kelley's project has come to fruition.

London Heathrow 27L (Planespotting) by Mike Kelley


London Heathrow 09L (100, 50, 40) by Mike Kelley


Flughafen München 08R (Decision Height) by Mike Kelley


Visit his “Airportraits” gallery on PurePhoto to view the entire series.

You can learn more about the technical aspects of Mike’s process by visiting his blog “The Making of Airportraits: Chasing Planes Around the World”.

Los Angeles International 24L (No Turn Before Shoreline) by Mike Kelley
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