Introducing "Punch Buggy" by Alexandra Tremaine

Introducing "Punch Buggy" by Alexandra Tremaine

We are excited to announce the launch of Alexandra Tremaine and her series "Punch Buggy" for PurePhoto. This special edition series embodies a pop-art feeling with the vibrant colors of the VW Bugs set along the rustic streets of Mexico.

"Punch Buggy #29" by Alexandra Tremaine


Each fine art photography is offered as a face-mounted to plexi two-piece diptych. This is a custom art experience as you can choose the colors that best suit your space.

"Punch Buggy #37" by Alexandra Tremaine installed as a two-piece face-mounted to plexi diptych


"Punch Buggy #44 by Alexandra Tremaine


The Punch Buggy Series started as a fun Instagram post, but with positive feedback from family and friends Alexandra quickly decided to transfer the project over to her real camera.

“There’s something about the old style VW Bug that brings back nostalgia from everyone I meet. They were iconic cars and it seems that everyone over the age of 50 has a story about them. For my generation (I’m 32) we saw the old style bug and immediately shouted “Punch Buggy no Punch Back” and slammed whichever sibling or friend was closest with an endearing fist.”

"Punch Buggy #36 by Alexandra Tremaine


Pricing for the plexi diptychs include framing and shipping to the USA and Canada and are ready to hang. See the complete collection here.

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