Javiera Estrada | "In the Bedroom"

Javiera Estrada | "In the Bedroom"
Blue Hour, by Javiera Estrada-PurePhoto
Javiera Estrada: a multi-media artist born in Acapulco, Mexico in 1981, and later immigrating to the United States in 1989, showcases a diverse body of work spanning photography, mixed media, photograms, film, and textiles. Influenced by her childhood memories of Acapulco—a vibrant tropical paradise steeped in spiritual ritual and magical realism—Estrada's artistic endeavors delve into the intersection of reality and spirituality. Estrada’s mystical affinity for bridging the gap between the conscious landscape of reality and the subconscious world of the spiritual can be seen throughout her work.
Javiera Estrada collection: "In The Bedroom"
Flow is What You Make it, by Javiera Estrada-PurePhoto
Carisse, by Javiera Estrada-PurePhoto
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