New Art Drop: Peter Andrew

New Art Drop:  Peter Andrew

PurePhoto is excited to announce a quiver of amazing new art and artists over the next few months. Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss them. We’ve already posted some great teasers. For now though, take a look at some new work from long-time PurePhoto artist and award winning Canadian advertising photographer Peter Andrew. Known for his large-scale images like the Point Blank series...... this work is big time. 

Check out his other series : Money, Lego Men, Donuts, Canada, Still Lifes and and exclusive collaboration with Michelle Rabin that we absolutely love!

Toaster and Fish, by Peter Andrew-PurePhoto

What's hard to see on an internet image is every scratch, fiber, morsel or caviar pearl in ridiculously sharp detail. It’s the difference between a 1976 Zenith TV with rabbit ear antennas vs the latest 8k HD TV's.

C Note, USA $100, by Peter Andrew-PurePhotoCaviar, by Peter Andrew-PurePhoto

Adderall, by Peter Andrew-PurePhotoAdderall, by Peter Andrew-PurePhoto

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