New Landscapes By Paul Edmondson

New Landscapes By Paul Edmondson

Fine art photographer Paul Edmondson is well known for his stunning landscapes that have both minimal and graphic compositions with an emphasis on line, form, shape and color. He travels throughout the USA regularly with his camera in hand, and is drawn towards the places where humans and the natural environment intersect.

"White Pocket #7" by Paul Edmondson


"For quite some time I'd heard about the area called White Pocket along the Arizona/Utah border and in the heart of the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. When I recently visited for a few days in late March I was essentially tent-bound for 24 hours due to gail-force winds and whiteout conditions due to a Spring snow storm. Once I was able to explore and photograph the area, I realized it'd found a truly amazing and surreal place - the sandstone rock formations are essentially fossilized sand dunes. I loved the swirling and colorful rocks and the remoteness of the place."

"White Pocket #2" by Paul Edmondson


"For many of my trips I incorporate unplanned time to just drive, wander and hopefully discover the unexpected. Roy's Cafe and Calcium Chloride Pile were found within a short distance of each other near the tiny town of Amboy in Southern California. I've always been drawn to capturing how humans impact fragile landscapes. Though these images are very different, they both convey a minimal and harsh beauty to an otherwise barren and desolate place."

"Calcium Chloride Canal #3" by Paul Edmondson


"Roy's Motel Cafe" by Paul Edmondson


You can view Paul Edmondson's entire portfolio by visiting the PurePhoto online gallery. His open ediition prints are available in a variety of sizes and can be custom printed in extra large scale upon request.

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