New Work by Best Selling Artist Paul Edmondson

New Work by Best Selling Artist Paul Edmondson

Fine art photographer Paul Edmondson is well known for his stunning landscapes that have both minimal and graphic compositions with an emphasis on line, form, shape and color. He travels throughout the USA regularly with his camera in hand, and is drawn towards the places where humans and the natural environment intersect. Paul recently travelled to some of the most rural areas throughout the Midwest and returned with some stunning images. We hope you enjoy the sampling of images below.

"Pioneer Telephone #1" by Paul Edmondson


"Motel 6" by Paul Edmondson


"Haviland, Kansas" by Paul Edmondson


"Tallgrass School #2" by Paul Edmondson


"Cotton Bales #4" by Paul Edmondson


"Mustard Field #4" by Paul Edmondson


"Tire Pile" by Paul Edmondson


"Spring Tracks" by Paul Edmondson


You can view Paul Edmondson's full body of work by visiting the PurePhoto online gallery. His open ediition prints are available in a variety of sizes and can be custom printed in extra large scale upon request.

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