Paul Souders Takes on the Arctic Circle

Paul Souders Takes on the Arctic Circle


How do you prepare for six weeks alone on a boat in the Canadian arctic? For PurePhoto artist and National Geographic Photography Contest winner Paul Souders, a six week photography expedition along Canada's Hudson Bay means packing his 22-foot boat with "the kitchen sink [...] Better yet, bring two sinks, because I’ll probably break one."

The expedition calls for a massive array of lenses, camera bodies, and hard-drives, along with survival essentials such as food, waterproof materials, a shotgun and bear shells. (Not to mention audio books for the potential boredom of solitude). Equipt 340 pounds of ammunition and memory cards, Souders is certainly set for an epic adventure.

This incredible journey to the Arctic Circle marks his third summer in a row traveling through globe's frozen north to capture his signature images of polar bears and other icy wildlife.

"The Ice Bear" by Paul Souders


Before solo navigating his 22-foot boat, Souders first traveled over 2000 miles to the Nelson River to meet up with the belongings, recover his boat trailer, and shoot a quadricopter drone video with a Phantom camera, which he plans to use during his expedition.

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Currently, Souders is making final repairs and waiting out bad weather before he launches. You can keep up with his journey at his blog, and look for his amazing new work in the coming months!

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