PurePhoto Featured in RUE!

PurePhoto Featured in RUE!

PurePhoto was recently featured in RUE magazine! Check out our work in the "A "Calmly Awesome" Boho Living Room" home tour written by Kat McEachern featuring the work of our San Francisco based client Alison Damonte Design.

"Timeless" by Cristina Paulin


Interior designer Alison Damonte referred to this project as “Glam Ranch” and it’s easy to see why. The 1950s suburban ranch home in San Mateo, CA has been transformed by this modern take on a sitting room. The subtlety pink walls offer an updated neural backdrop to the bold colors of the lounge chairs and tropical print pillows. Yet, something about the space reads as timeless (we couldn’t resist!)

"By the time we were finished buying all of the furniture we still hadn’t found the perfect piece of art for the fireplace and there wasn’t much money left in the budget. I was getting a little panicked until I received an email from PurePhoto, a company I hadn’t heard of before. Typically I get so many of these emails I automatically delete them from my inbox without opening, but I happened to open this one and saw the “Timeless” print featured. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect finishing touch for the room. The word “Timeless” in neon really embodied the idea of this project: an otherwise traditional space that received a jolt of modernity. I think I got approval from the Client and the order out in less than 15 minutes!"

We are so happy our email made it through the fray and we were able to help Alison find a solution to her design challenge!

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