RueMagazine and CEO Ryan Phillips Discuss Photography and Framing

RueMagazine and CEO Ryan Phillips Discuss Photography and Framing
PurePhoto CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Phillips met with Victoria de la Camara of Rue Magazine this month to discuss fine art photography, picking the right pieces, and proper framing for your new work of art.

On picking photographers for PurePhoto...

"Our curators [...] look for technical perfection as we often print images in large custom sizes. Many interior designers and clients we work with want their art to be the focal point of a room. Sizes such as 50”x70 or 60”x80” are not uncommon. In some instances, clients have requested custom wall murals as larger as 12’H x 28’W. All of our artists have very large file sizes so we have the option of offering their work as large scale prints with perfect clarity and detail."

On the difference between good photography and amateur photography...

"[...] there are big differences between the good work and the bad.

"Ask yourself how much thought went into the work. [...] Do you really see the work as having been refined and not just snapped on an iPhone, shot by a socialite at some hot L.A party or through a moving car window headed out to Monaco?

"Color is another important indicator. Great work will have very refined color palettes, good use of complementary colors and/or moods created through the use of color.

"Having that in mind, don’t be afraid to purchase a print by an unknown photographer. Don’t be afraid to seek out new and exciting works by lesser known and/or emerging artists online. That’s not a rule of thumb indicator. Look for something that really moves you!"

On framing your new work...

"ALWAYS avoid hanging heavy framed prints over a child rest and/or play area. We had a client who produced a print using a 1” thick plexi face mount. After it was produced they told us it was intended for a child’s bedroom. We could not guarantee any installation that would not potentially be dangerous for the child.

"Think about who will be living with the art. [...] Will it be in reach of a 2 year old with a permanent marker? You may opt for a shadow box frame and plexi rather than a permanent face mount to plexi. Once that toddler is in their teens you can switch out the plexi so there is no more evidence they were ever in their terrible twos. Face mounting is permanent, just like those markers."

To read the rest of the interview with Ryan Phillips, including more about finding quality art, how PurePhoto curates our collection, printing options, preserving art with proper framing, and an industry look at the cost of professional photography, head to

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