The Secret Life of Pencils

The Secret Life of Pencils



Masayoshi Sukita's Pencil, from the "Secret Life Of Pencils" collection-PurePhoto

From Christian Louboutin to Philippe Starck, James Dyson to Ian Callum—the world's leading designers wield a humble pencil as their first stroke of genius. This unassuming tool is the catalyst for the most creative structures ever conceived. In a tech-filled world, these legends share a common practice: FOCUS. No distractions, beeps, dings, clicks, or pop-ups—just a journey inside their minds to uncover pure genius.

 This collection boats more than 75 pencils from some of the most creative minds in the world of design, architecture, fashion, cinema and storytelling. Your clients will love having one of these unique and iconic images in their home. As Kelly Wearstler says below "It's a catalyst for a thought provoking conversation"

(*many of the original physical pencils used in this shoot are available for purchase)Tom Dixon's Pencil #1, from the "Secret Life Of Pencils" collection-PurePhoto

"Embark on a delightful rabbit hole of pencil backstories that will captivate your imagination! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a collection that goes beyond aesthetics. These pencils aren't just tools; they are storytellers, having played a crucial role in shaping some of the greatest narratives of our time. Join me in exploring the iconic pencils that these amazing craftsmen used to build legendary structures, establish renowned brands, and forge modern empires. It's a journey into the heart of creativity and legacy."


- Ryan Phillips,

CEO & Founder | PurePhoto

Mark Dytham & Astrid Klein's Pencils, from the "Secret Life Of Pencils" collection-PurePhoto


William Alsop's Pencil, from the "Secret Life Of Pencils" collection-PurePhoto

“Every space should have a focal point. It's what draws the eye and anchors the design.”

-Kelly Wearstler

In her quote, Kelly Wearstler highlights the crucial role of art in shaping the ambiance of any space. Art goes beyond mere decoration; it infuses personality and individuality into a room, establishing a connection with its inhabitants and visitors. With its ability to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and invite interpretation, art becomes a catalyst for conversation, encouraging dialogue and deeper engagement. Whether it be a striking painting, a thought-provoking sculpture, or a unique installation, art has the power to transform a space, making it more vibrant, dynamic, and memorable. As Wearstler suggests, art's presence is indispensable, for it not only adds visual interest but also prompts meaningful interactions, bringing people together through shared admiration and appreciation for artistic expression.



Art tells your story.  Who will you be? 

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